Dorraine Cooper-Rooney, PhD

Mrs. Rooney has worked as: waitress, bartender, massage therapist, landscaper, dishwasher, service manager, cashier, customer service manager, housekeeper,     farm hand, lifeguard, dispatcher,  accounting, secretary, booking agent, retail sales agent, short order cook, operator, bus driver, car rental manager, personal driver and security, car valet, marketing agent, author, graphic artist, publisher,    inventor, projector manager, vine voice, and educator


Mrs. Rooney has owned several successful companies that would be including:

Medical Massage, Car Repair Garage, Housekeeping, Landscaping,

            Car Renovations, Home Repair, Thrift Shop, Publishing Company,

Green Technology, Jewelry Shop, Graphics Studio and Education Studio.


Mrs. Rooney  currently works with members of several countries and feels comfortable in the global community. Skype and Wechat Conference is available. She is an artist and Author for American Boudica. She teaches English for First Future. She is a Professor of Business and English globally for Keiser University.


Mrs. Rooney has held BLS, CPR, personal training, EKG and life guard certifications. She currently retains CITI research certification and a TESOL certification.

Professional Experience