Dorraine Cooper-Rooney, PhD

Dr. Dorraine Cooper-Rooney is a Global Professor, Notary

for the State of Florida, the American Boudica,

and the original Girly Pirate.

Dr. Cooper-Rooney is an American business woman, author, publisher, student, environmentalist and champion for battered women, children, and education. She can often be found at home in Florida but, is known to frequent the eastern seaboard of the United States.

Dorraine was born to an old New England family. She often jokes that Massachusetts made her political, Maine made her practical, New Hampshire made her a free thinker, Rhode Island taught her whimsy, Connecticut taught her ethics, Vermont gave her a sweet tooth and New York taught the importance of working the best deal. The environment was stressed in her world from a very young age.

Her early and wild years were spent living and around Tennessee, North Carolina and Virginia. Tennessee was a new challenge and a place that brought out survival skills. North Carolina’s coast was a nice place to learn how to relax and the importance of caring for the environment. Virginia stressed loyalty, honesty, responsibility and the importance of serving the greater good. Dr. Cooper-Rooney learned much by trial and error. During this time, she had a strong work ethic and limited formal education.

Florida gave Dorraine a home. Coming to this new and tropical land was difficult but with her positive attitude, it became an adventure. Her work ethic built her a new world and allowed her to grow roots in her community. Her formal education started at Sanford Brown Institute. Dr. Rooney continued to work, network and build her own global business, American Boudica. This gave her the ability to enter Everglades University. Here she garnered not only a BS in Natural Medicine but, also a Master’s degree in Business. During this time, she created several new businesses and a charity.

Currently she has a Doctorate in Global Business, who along with several of her own businesses, works in and around China and Florida. Through her social media and online teaching she handles students around the world. It  is her viewpoint the peace is bred through education and love.